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From check-in to promotions to POS and beyond, we unpack the complexity of connected passenger experiences - so yours is the travel brand they trust for every journey.

Imagine your customers happy, relaxed and enjoying their travel experience. Now imagine them coming back again and again.  We make that happen for the travel industry every day.

We do that with software, hardware and services that help you delight your customers and accelerate your digital transformation—helping airlines, airports, cruise lines and car rental agencies meet customers in every moment and create the best experience in the business.

Let your customers breeze through check-in so they can start to relax even before they reach their destination. From self-service check-in kiosks and facial recognition technologies to app check-in services and mobile boarding passes, we start smoothing the journey before it begins.

Digital engagement goes way beyond wayfinding (although our digital signage solutions take care of that, too). With NCR, we make it easy to reach passengers individually with personalized promotions, plus fixed and mobile POS solutions that make their experience even better at airport shops and restaurants.

Nothing puts a wrench in a traveler’s plans faster than a piece of technology that’s not working like it should. 

That’s why we provide a single point of accountability for your IT infrastructure with proactive analysisremote monitoringconsumablessoftware and service management and 24/7 help desk support.

Like in any industry today, fast-breaking consumer demands and emerging digital technologies are disrupting your business like never before. Count on the creative, innovative thinkers and problem solvers at NCR to help you transform your operations and your customer experience so you can do more than compete—so you can make your business thrive.

Thousands of global travel brands use NCR to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Shouldn’t you?

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What We Offer:

Your passengers can breeze through the check-in process with our Airport CUSS Check-In solutions. Offering self-service check-in kiosks that can scan passports, print bag tags and boarding passes, we help you free up your agents to deal with passengers who require face-to-face assistance.

  • TouchPort 120, our newest generation kiosk, enables passengers to check-in, pay for upgrades, change seats, scan documents, check bags and print boarding passes quickly

Give passengers the control, convenience and speedy service they want with NCR self-service kiosks. We offer a wide range of kiosks to fit your needs and your space.

  • NCR TouchPort 120 – Compact self-service kiosk that lets your passengers check-in, choose seats, print boarding passes and pay for upgrades with less hassle
  • NCR SelfServ™ XK7 – Easy-to-use, kiosk-based self-service solution for customers who want to create their own orders, pay at the kiosk and avoid long lines
  • NCR SelfServ™ 90 – Compact self-service kiosk with smaller footprint and multiple mounting options that give you the flexibility to install it almost anywhere

One of the most promising innovations in biometric facial recognition for passenger identification, the NCR Biometric Kiosk digitally links a passenger’s identification to their passports (and other authorized ID documents) using unique facial characteristics. This makes it even faster and easier for passengers to get from check-in to boarding. 

  • Uses single-station camera with customized lens designed to capture images using the latest HDR (high dynamic range) biometrics imaging and illumination technology
  • It can capture high-clarity images across a broad range of lighting environments and distances, making it a good fit for airport conditions
  • Flexibility to design the passenger flow based on airline/airport’s requirement
  • Flexibility to design passenger flow and experience across channels and touch points

Design and deploy consumer-facing apps that you can centrally manage to make your customer experience even better and your job even easier. 

  • APIs featuring passenger facing services for check-in and boarding
  • Host abstraction to allow multi host integrations
  • Micro services architecture for true flexibility in designing the flow and orchestrations of tasks for check-in
  • Configurations for airline and channel specific rules
  • Delivery of electronic boarding passes and messages over email/SMS
  • Usage stats and analytics
  • Role-based access control forAPIs
  • Big data and Analytics infrastructure to create Passenger Profiles

Get instant and remote access to your kiosk’s performance and metrics, such as low paper alerts, kiosk diagnostics and applications statuses with NCR Kiosk ManagementSolutions:

  • Web based kiosk management and monitoring application
  • Poll kiosk on a schedule basis or on-demand
  • Remote restarting / rebooting of applications or hardware
  • Organize kiosks into groups to be monitored by a single user
  • Application and usage statistics reporting
  • Fast IP address changes
  • Auto-detect new kiosk hardware
  • E-mail and SMS notifications engine

NCR Digital Signage solutions display offers, advertisements and airport information your travelers care about, so their experience gets better — and so does your revenue.

  • Spend less time managing, more time growing – We can provide the software, hardware and services you need for digital signage and more – saving you the time and hassle of managing multiple vendors.
  • Improve experiences while increasing non-aeronautical revenues – Update your digital signage whenever you like, whether featuring a new restaurant’s special offeror driving more travelers to a specific retail store. That’s the kind of flexibility that also helps attract desirable concessionaire brands to your airport.
  • Stay up to date with better uptime and availability – We’ll provide maintenance options that work around your schedule while protecting you from unforeseen technical issues.

Most travelers today are increasingly online and on mobile, looking for ways to shave time off the travel process and make the most of the hours they spend in a terminal or the cabin. That’s why NCR was one of the first to offer mobile barcoded boarding passes, making travel easier.

  • Mobile Pass – Secure, IATA compliant, fully optimized, branded, barcoded boarding pass that can be dynamically updated so passengers have the latest information on their device
  • Mobile Wallet – Branded mobile application that resides within your airline’s mobile app, allowing passengers to store and retrieve mobile boarding passes, coupons and vouchers
  • Mobile Coupon/Voucher – Fully branded, optimized and secure barcoded coupon/voucher that you can send directly to your customer’s mobile device anyway you want
  • Multi channel support – SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, push notifications and more

With NCR, your messaging goes with travelers from one terminal to the next, and at every point along the way. So they see more of what they want and you see your profits grow. 

  • Deliver marketing messages via various channels – mobile, web, signage and kiosks
  • Integrate your marketing with retail and hospitality systems
  • Reinforce your brand and make it easy for travelers to respond to offers
  • Create relevant, personal service based on the traveler’s personal preferences

A mobile agent solution for passenger facilitation and IRROP, NCR Roving agent provides a one-stop solution for airline agents to assist passengers while being able to move freely with a handheld device. 

  • Complete mobile solution with NCR 7779 Tablets, portable printers and scanners
  • Flexibility to print boarding passes, bag tags and vouchers either on mobile printer or a kiosk over WLAN
  • Delivery of electronic boarding passes, vouchers and messages over email/SMS
  • Full suite of accessories to best fit you needs, from docking stations, rugged case and harness to integrated scanner and EMV device with the tablet
  • Specially designed app for checkin, boarding or IRROP needs

NCR can help you with any retail or restaurant POS needs for your airport as well. We are #1 in restaurant POS software and hardware worldwide and are the industry leader in retail POS and Self- Checkout solutions:

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