Public Sector

NCR Mperium for Government Agencies

Fast, easy, and convenient payment processing for your constituents (and you).

Easier operations from order creation to payment settlement. All in one point of sale solution.

Mperium™ is a highly configurable, Windows-based, enterprise software foundation developed by NCR Government Systems that provides a flexible set of features and services required to meet the diverse needs of government customers.

Process transactions anywhere.

NCR's flagship transaction processing and management software, Mperium, works across kiosks, counters, tablets and smartphones so your constituents have choice, speed and convenience at their fingertips.

Flexibility you can count on.

What makes Mperium special?

Simple: it's flexibility. We know that our government customers face a blitz of specific requests—and they don’t always know what they need before they begin. Mperium’s foundation uses XML metadata to customize workflows, menus, user interfaces and external system interfaces.

Purpose built for government systems

Made specifically with government systems in mind, Mperium is highly configurable, for use in both retail and non-retail settings. Making changes and adding new applications is a snap, too. Its solid base of business services—Mperium’s building blocks—can be quickly and effectively customized to add extensions. (Our Professional Services team is here to help you make the changes, or we can hand off the specs and tools so your team can make updates.)

Actionable insights

For enterprise reporting and managing the kiosk network, the Mperium Enterprise Management System is a web-based interface with a configurable dashboard of up-to-date financial information, alerts, configuration management and reports.

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What makes NCR Public Sector solutions different?

Fast, easy, and convenient payment processing for your constituents (and you).

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