Advanced Post Configuration Tools

NCR Advanced Post lowers costs by minimizing the need for code changes through the Advanced Post Configuration Tool Kit. This set of software tools allows Advanced Post customers to customize and configure the system to meet their needs.  The Tool Kit includes a Data Configurator, a UI Wizard, a Context Sensitive Help Editor and an SDK. The Data Configurator allows the customer to modify much of the key underlying data and business rules that drive the system, including;

  • Employee data roles, inventory options and permissions
  • Mailing rules and data
  • Payment Tenders and Options
  • Product Promotions and Special Offers
  • Products and Merchandise
  • Site data, terminal and device data and store groupings
  • Store Parameters

The Advanced Post UI Wizard provides a quick and easy way to manage the look and feel of the Advanced Post UI.  You can turn on and off functionality, arrange buttons, create menus, change themes, and add custom icons. Postal entities can “brand” Advanced Post with logos and colors.

Advanced Post's Help Editor is a real-time editor that lets you add, modify or remove context-sensitive help and other user messages

The Advanced Post Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy for postal entities to develop their own extensions to the core Advanced Post software The SDK requires the use of the Microsoft Developer Studio v12 software development environment.