Advanced Post Central Management

NCR Advanced Post Central Management System (CMS) includes the Central Management Server, Hierarchical Enterprise Inventory Management and Broadcast Messaging.


The Advanced Post Central Server includes both the Advanced Post Application services and the Advanced Post Data Management services. It receives the data from the deployed Advanced Post sites and clients in near real time, processes the data, and records it in the central database. The CMS interfaces with external systems via Web Services and can be hosted in a data center or in the Cloud.


The CMS Hierarchical Inventory simplifies inventory management across the enterprise, to region, district and site.  It supports site-to-site and clerk-to-clerk transfers, as well as reporting functionality. The system provides acknowledgement verification upon transfer of inventory, the capability to query inventory throughout the hierarchy, and automated messaging for events such as low-level alerts and inventory transfer confirmations.  The system also supports serialized inventory such as Money Orders and Postal Orders.


Advanced Post CMS includes enterprise Broadcast Messaging that allows postal entities to compose rich text messages and distribute in near real-time to end users.


NCR Advanced Post CMS provides an open architecture that will easily integrate with Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics solutions.