Make your public agency thrive.

NCR is the leader in E-Government solutions and self-service enabling technology. We’re the go-to team that enables your government agency to solve these challenges and create new opportunities for improved services.

Governments everywhere, large and small, have a lot on their hands when it comes to meeting the demands of the 21st century—along with ever-higher public expectations.  

We’re a trusted partner dedicated to the mission requirements of our federal, state and local agency clients. Our software, hardware and services help you deliver the best experiences for your constituents and customers.  

What can we help you solve?

Whether transactions or interactions happen across the counter, by phone, at a kiosk or ATM machine, or online, we're there with the solutions and services that make these interactions easier, more convenient and more relevant to your constituents and customers.

We bring some of today’s most successful business technology to local, state, and federal governments across the world.We ask “What if?” and “Why not?” and say “Maybe you could do this!” 

Asa very specific part of NCR, we have the honor of solving grand-scale logistical problems by bringing governments everywhere up-to-date with state of art technologies (pulling from every one of our lines of business).

How did Cyprus launch new, national healthcare coverage? With digital transformation designed to transform a nation and Professional Services from NCR.

What if you could pay your taxes (and your parking ticket) at the same city kiosk (or an entire bank of them!)? What if your experience could be informational and transactional? 

No matter the agency, we’re helping governments of all sizes think differently. And we’re bringing decades of experience integrating physical and digital channels to help your agency reimagine your experience—while growing revenue and shrinking costs.

In your line of work, certifications (like CMMI and Itel) matter. So do security clearances. Lucky for us—and you—our Professional Services team has both, along with 160 resources dedicated specifically to government projects and management (our PMs are PMP-certified, too).  

NCR is the only level 3 CMMI certified (nonmilitary, noncritical) organization for government developments and delivery of services. Our software is well-tested and follows repeatable processes, which provides you and your team more efficiency.

Modernize, reimagine, and optimize your agency with solutions from NCR.

Don’t know which product you need? We can help you.