NCR Software Evergreen Service

Maximize the potential of your ATM network without the stress

We keep your ATM software secure, up-to-date, and running smoothly so you can focus on what matters most.

About Software Evergreen Service

NCR manages the entire process of keeping your ATM software current. This means that we understand your software—from the inventory stage through piloting the gold image on several units—and even distributing the software. Including you in the update journey, we lead your ATM software stack through a rigorous process to its most current version, delivering and running a seamless ATM experience for your members.

Key features

  • Aids in PCI compliance
  • No software development required
  • Centralized distribution
  • Scheduled distribution processes
  • Secure network without the burden of maintaining the infrastructure
  • Mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity at the ATM
  • Accurate and timely reporting for audit support
  • Easy to implement

Software updates for the ATM software stack include:

  • Windows Operating System updates
  • Microsoft security updates
  • XFS / drivers patch updates
  • NCR ATM Application updates & emergency patches or C-UP
  • NDCe / AE deposit software updates
  • Cardless and contactless software updates
  • NCR interactive services updates
  • ATM image agent updates
  • Unified agent updates
  • Solidcore agent updates

Custom scope is available for:

  • Major version upgrades
  • Multivendor hardware and software
  • Monthly Windows hotfixes
  • Incremental hotfixes for remote updates
  • Updates to centralized server solutions
  • 3rd party software updates
  • New ATM model certification
  • New functionality implementation
  • Data collection and template updates
  • Associated Services:
    • Currency template management service
    • Remote key management service
    • Remote BIOS update service
    • Remote dispenser protection service

We keep your software secure, up-to-date, and running smoothly so you can focus on what matters most

How do financial institutions stay on top of mounting software updates to their ATM channel to keep it secure and compliant?

In today’s financial environment, banking institutions need solutions that simplify the management and compliance of their ATM estate, so they can focus on key business objectives.

By working with a methodical and trusted partner who has deep knowledge of the software running on your ATMs, you can protect your investment and feel secure that NCR has you covered.

NCR will keep your ATM software up to date, delivering:

  • Less worry with more governance
  • Maximized potential of your ATM network
  • Stress-free ATM software distribution
  • Peace of mind that your customers can easily access what they need

Spend less time managing your ATM software and more time running your business

Financial Institutions don’t always have the resources to keep their ATM software up to date, but still need to ensure they’re compliant through software and security patch releases and updates – some that can happen as frequently as every month.

As a trusted partner who makes your business a priority, NCR will manage your self-service estate and allow you to focus on your customers' needs. With reduced stress and increased time, now you can focus on:

  • Building personal relationships in a digital world
  • Growing your presence in the community
  • Innovating your branch
  • Creating efficiencies in business operations

Why Software Evergreen Service

Lose the burden of ATM software updates. Let the leading experts handle it for you, so you can focus on what's important
Our ATM software update methods are proven, keeping the worlds largest financial institutions software stacks current year after year
As the leading provider of multi-vendor ATM software we understand best how to keep NCR ATM or ITM software up to date throughout the year, giving you confidence that your customers experience a secure, user-friendly ATM network

*Offers will vary based on country and availability. Contact your NCR representative to learn more.