NCR R10 Enterprise

Get to your store of the future—faster.

This ultra-flexible retail technology unifies your in-store, online and mobile storefront into an agile platform that makes business and future innovation easier.


NCR R10 Enterprise is a highly configurable, modular retail enterprise platform that integrates seamlessly to serve all channels, touchpoints and brands, globally. This core-first, API-driven framework is a cornerstone of NCR’s Next-Generation Retail Architecture that helps you run your stores better, from end to end.

We simplify every single operation to help make the solution work for you, driving efficiencies for users and improved experiences for shoppers.
R10 provides an open architecture to support omnichannel connected experiences, giving you flexibility to adapt to future innovation needs.
Inventory transparency provides real-time visibility of sales and returns, helping you plan stock ordering and replenishment.
Our advanced analytics enables pattern analysis to help with returns and fraud for both your cashier and consumer.

Integrate state-of-the-art retail applications to stand out and compete

Easily add the experiences you want while delivering a consistent experience across each one, from POS terminals, self-checkout, mobile commerce and e-commerce, to store and chain management applications, to targeted promotions via loyalty programs. And you can grow at your pace, starting simple and moving to more complex and powerful deployment models—with existing and new tech investments working side by side.


  • Improve productivity & speed to market with a unified platform, consolidated data and business logic, plus a service-orientated architecture with published APIs for fast integration of third-party applications and compatible hardware devices
  • Improve consistency & uniformity across channels including POS, quick service retail, self-checkout, kiosk, mobile POS, fuel & more; each touchpoint has a segment-specific user interface to match user behavior, retail segments and technology
  • Create richer and more dynamic user experiences that speed up transaction times, reduce errors, improve usability and boost cashier adoption and performance through optimized flows, fewer keystrokes and consistent application UIs
  • Have only one point of integration for ERP, loyalty and back office systems; from there, create, manage and maintain every touchpoint
  • Make cash management simple with in-store cash reconciliation and cash management support
  • Reduce fraud enterprise-wide with central, real-time monitoring of transactions that helps detect fraud and deliver better coupon and voucher controls
  • Check in on your operations in real-time, any time with centralized, cloud-reporting that enables your store, regional and country managers to access reports on demand
  • Easily make dynamic system changes with central configuration that enables faster responses to market, customer and regulatory requirements
  • Make receipts, refunds & exchanges run better by implementing and/or changing business rules and flows through configuration, increasing security

Why NCR R10?

Globally proven

Trusted by 8,000 stores+ worldwide, with 200K live lanes


Provider of retail POS software in the world


In store software and hardware maintenance

Be everywhere your shoppers want you to be with an agile retail platform that transforms your business—and your bottom line.

Now it’s easy to differentiate and compete by connecting every touchpoint into the frictionless “always on” experience your consumers want, from mobile to brick-and-mortar, back office to loyalty and beyond. Our single, integrated and uniquely powerful retail software engine, consolidated data and business logic make it simple to run your store, add new experiences and grow at your pace—with existing and new investments working side by side.

Customer identification and loyalty

  • Effortless integration with loyalty providers, based on industry standard APIs
  • Feedback to loyalty system immediately upon transaction finalization

Advanced promotion capabilities

  • Centralized promotion management and distribution
  • Embedded promotion
  • Conflict management for promotions, based on predefined rules
  • Personalization and registration to promotions
  • Digital & paperless coupons

Functionality, performance and integration

  • High operational efficiency and reduced TCO via consolidated data & business logic
  • Strong brand differentiation through comprehensive, advanced retail applications
  • Central management & automated distribution of unified store operations and transactional data
  • High flexibility & scalability with modular deployment options

This is your retail enterprise, made simple. Contact NCR for a demo or to learn more.