NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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NCR VOYIX Security Services

Our security capabilities help detect and prevent internet attacks and malicious software threats to minimize operational disruptions from data breaches and compliance violations.

Site Shield

Site Shield enables network connectivity in a controlled manner. It's a commercial grade, multi-featured firewall that NCR VOYIX sets up and manages on your behalf. It restricts dangerous connections to and from the internet, while allowing the necessary business applications to function. This helps defend against network-borne malicious software and attacks, especially as they pertain to payment and other sensitive systems. Moreover, Site Shield provides reliable wired connectivity within the site and can be used in conjunction with the Managed Wi-Fi service to provide secure and reliable wireless service.

Threat Defender

Threat Defender provides strong endpoint protection on POS systems to ensure reliable operations. Threat Defender (whitelisting) is a modular agent that NCR VOYIX installs on endpoints, which can control what applications may or may not run, minimizing disruptions due to virus infection, network compromise or a self-inflicted problem. Using application whitelisting technology, Threat Defender can help prevent zero day threats from infecting endpoints that traditional anti-virus products may be unable to detect.

Secure Access

Secure Access provides a trusted way of accessing systems over the internet. It offers a reliable alternative to insecure remote access often employed by organizations and exploited by cyber criminals. Secure Access provides remote control and file transfer capabilities to and from the main site computer. It encrypts and logs connections and enables access only to designated users. It also includes two-factor authentication for stronger security.

Breach Assistance Program

NCR VOYIX's Breach Assistance Program helps cover the expenses associated with a cardholder data breach. Breach Assistance offers financial assistance should a suspected or actual security incident occur, covering expenses such as the card association security assessment, forensic audit, card replacement and qualified post-incident services. This program is only available to customers that subscribe to Site Shield, Secure Access, and Threat Defender.

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi provides reliable, enterprise grade technology to enable business critical functions such as mobile point-of-sale communications, as well as other in-store systems that rely on reliable wireless connectivity.

PCI Compliance Services

PCI Compliance Services assist customers with satisfying PCI compliance requirements. This service provides a web-based “wizard” for answering the PCI Self-Assessment questionnaire. It also conducts quarterly external PCI mandated network scans and offers an information security policy builder. It also includes on-demand security awareness training that NCR VOYIX customers can provide to our customers’ employees.

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