Based on a Microsoft Windows platform, NCR's APTRA XFS Platform is the middleware that drives NCR's SelfServ 80 series family of ATMs.

XFS Standard

• NCR's implementation of its XFS based middleware provides financial institutions with the flexibility to choose the applications they want to use to drive their ATM network.
• The APTRA XFS platform provides a common API for software applications to access and manipulate the operation of the ATMs
• Each hardware vendor is responsible for providing their variant of XFS middleware that is compatible with their hardware devices. So the NCR APTRA XFS will on work with NCR ATM hardware.
• A license of APTRA XFS runtime is required for each NCR ATM


When optimized with NCR's Security for APTRA - the XFS middleware effectively and securely locks down the Microsoft Windows platform, ensuring its safe use in a financial device.

Microsoft partnership

• NCR is committed to ensuring the best, most secure and reliable with the Microsoft Windows platforms.
• NCR provides XFS compliant middleware that will run with both Windows 7 and Windows 10 versions.
• NCR provides ongoing tests and compatibility checks to ensure an ongoing optimized performance with the Windows platforms.

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NCR SelfServ 80 series
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