NCR Transaction Processing - Authentic

NCR Transaction Processing (Authentic) is an intelligent transaction-processing platform designed for today's fast-changing payments business. Whether you’re an acquirer, issuer, central switch, bank or processor handling card transactions, alternative payments or real-time payments, Authentic is designed to be customizable, so you stay in control of your payments environment and stay one step ahead of the market and your competitors.

Deploy a multi-faceted payments business

Authentic accepts any type of transaction from any device, source or system. It authorizes, authenticates and routes the transaction to any destination from debit, credit, charge cards, electronic vouchers or pre-paid cards.

Authentic supports a full range of payment applications

Extending your payments system is simple and painless with Authentic. Brands around the world use Authentic as their payment gateway to power consumer payment service hubs and drive ATM and POS devices. 

Customization. Configuration. Control.

Dynamically respond to market demands with Authentic's flexible, agile and customizable interface.

Platform independent

You can run Authentic on Oracle, Stratus, HP and IBM servers with Linux, Windows, HP-UX or AIX operating systems--and also on extensible databases such as Oracle, Cassandra or Microsoft SQL server.


Authentic can cater for small gateway systems to global networks