NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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NCR VOYIX Supply Chain

Insights. Connections. Experiences.

From warehouse buying to customer delivery and everything in-between, NCR VOYIX supply chain solutions help you optimize the flow of inventory, data and payments with accuracy and speed. With a special focus on food and foodservice distribution, our solutions are built from the ground up to manage the details most important to you and your customers.

Enterprise Business Management (ERP)

NCR VOYIX’s Power Enterprise software platform is designed to optimize and manage the flow of inventory, data and payments through complex supply chain networks, with a special focus on excellence in perishable inventory management. So whether you want to streamline your order management and billing, improve your data accuracy across systems, reduce your distribution costs or engage with your customers with new mobile technology, we have a solution to help.

Warehouse Management

NCR VOYIX's Warehouse Management solution portfolio directs the movement of inventory throughout your warehouse operation to improve accuracy and reduce overall operational costs, with deep functionality supporting perishable inventory. Voice-enabled directed tasks and labor performance moderating modules enhance the solution.

Transportation Management

NCR VOYIX’s Transportation Management solution portfolio optimizes all your transportation needs and helps reduce freight costs. Whether inventory is coming or going to your warehouse, our dock and yard management systems ensure it moves as efficiently as possible. We also manage the last mile of the supply chain with our proof-of-delivery software that verifies that orders arrive at your customers or retail locations.
• Dock Management
• Yard Management
• Inbound Transportation Optimization
• Outbound Transportation Optimization
• Proof of Delivery

Customer Relationship Management

NCR VOYIX Customer Relations gives you multiple ordering tools to help increase average order size, prevent margin erosion, simplify the ordering process and speed payment collection. With everything at their fingertips, your sales reps become trusted consultants to help your customers improve their business — so you can grow your brand and stand out from the competition. We also offer comprehensive menu planning to help reduce food costs and better manage inventory.
• Mobile Ordering
• Online Ordering
• Assisted Ordering
• Menu Planning

Supplier Relationship Management

NCR VOYIX’s Supplier Relations solution portfolio includes replenishment, ordering and billing collaboration tools designed to help distributors and vendors drive down costs and increase sales. NCR Purchasing uses demand forecasting science to make sure every order is exactly right, so you can maximize your inventory turns while eliminating out of stocks. The solution also allows buyers to strategically place orders that lower inventory costs by maximizing available vendor funding and optimizing truckloads.

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