NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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NCR VOYIX Software Defined Store

The infrastructure you have in place today isn't the one you need to take you into the future. And we can help. NCR VOYIX Software Defined Store moves the software scattered across hundreds of individual store touchpoints and centralizes them onto a store virtualization server so you can manage an entire store as a whole. This creates a flexible store infrastructure without an IT overhaul. Now you're ready to add cloud-enabled services and capabilities to extend and augment existing systems, or add new systems to your stores. When your business is ready to go entirely to the cloud, you'll be ready.

Intelligent Edge

The Intelligent Edge virtualizes your store systems and includes basic infrastructure services, configured for each store's unique requirements. This component includes the IT services and virtual machine resources needed to host store systems. Installed on your choice of hardware, the architecture is designed for retail, significantly reducing the physical footprint of your IT inside the store and driving operational efficiency.

Intelligent Edge Client

The Intelligent Edge Client securely connects each peripheral to the virtualized software running on the intelligent edge server. For applications such as POS, our unique virtualization technology enables existing peripherals such as scanners, printers and cash drawers to remotely connect to the intelligent edge without need for replacement or upgrade.

Intelligent Control Plane

The Intelligent Control Plane is a cloud-based controller that centrally manages all of the store-level Intelligent Edge devices, enabling the provisioning, management, control and updating of hundreds or thousands of virtualized edge servers and server workloads across your complete retail estate. Offering high availability, local backup, scalability and more, it simplifies and accelerates otherwise complex IT tasks, while ensuring a consistent, secure IT environment in every store.

Choose how you want to deploy your new store infrastructure, with three options:
• Line Busting (mPOS): Turn any mobile device into a PCI-compliant POS so you can bring the checkout to your customers to eliminate lines and offer great service.
• Virtualized POS (vPOS): Eliminate bulky hardware and computing power requirements from POS each terminal and manage your POS software on a single store server, reducing TCO and offering faster innovation for your stores.
• Virtualized Store (vStore): Virtually manage all your store systems to maximize savings and flexibility across the entire store IT ecosystem - POS, payment controllers, back office systems and more can be virtualized for maximum savings and flexibility.

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