NCR SelfServ 88 - Exterior Island Multi-Function Drive-Up ATM & ITM

Offer your customers a wide range of ATM transactions they can access without leaving their car. Designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, the NCR SelfServ 88 island drive-up ATM lets your customers withdraw cash, make deposits or pay bills—all from the comfort of their own vehicle.


Height: 55.59” (1,412mm)
Width: 40.94" (1,040mm)
Depth including bumper: 33.46" (850mm)


Public & Private

Barcode Reader:

2D Barcode Reader

Bunch Capacity:

Dispense – S2 Media Dispense Module: up to 60 note bunch
Deposit – SDM2: up to 100 mixed media bunch cash + check in a single transaction
Recycle/Deposit – GBxx2: up to 200 notes per transaction
Check – SCPM2: Up to 30 checks

Cassette Configuration:

Dispense - 4 or 5, Recycle/Deposit - 3R + 1D or 2R +2D, Mixed Media Deposit - 1 Cash + 1 Check. Dual Module/Tower capability.


Integrated Reader (via card, smartphone or smartwatch)


15" and 19" LCD Multitouch Display


Severe Environment
UPS, Standard: -31°F to 122°F (-35°C to 50°C)
Humidity: 10% to 100%
Acoustics: 65dB (A) idle 68dB operating. Max 75dB (A) fan Severe environment protection kit


Pinpad - Recessed Encrypted
Pinpad - Encrypted
Stainless Steel

Media Handler:

S2 Dispenser, GBXX2, SDM2, SCPM


Dynamic MEEIs
Green MEEI



Note Capacity:

Dispense: 2,500 notes per cassette.
Deposit: Up to 2,300 notes per cassette.
Recycle: Up to 2,000 notes (Recycle).
Mixed Media Deposit: Store up to 4,000 notes + 400 checks
Check – Up to 1,000 checks

Power Management:

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)


2ST, Dual Roll, Thermal Receipt/Journal Printer


Intel Core i3/i5

Power Management:

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)


Solid State Hard Drive
8GB RAM - 240GB
16GB RAM - 480GB


Front Access, Rear Access
LCD Operator Panel (GOP)
LCD Operator Panel (COP)
State of health indicators across all modules

Storage Options:

240GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
480GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

Tamper Resistant Card Reader:

EMV Ready (Dip, Motorized IMCRW)

Video Teller Capable:





Lighting – Task lighting. Ambient light sensing, e-Receipts to a mobile device, NCR Interactive Banker and Teller Enterprise SW compatible, page turning passbook,

Note: ATM weight varies by safe and can be supplied on request. ATM cassette capacity varies dependent on check or note quality and thickness. Capacity may vary by country, currency type, condition and quality of notes.


Product Variations:

6688 - SelfServ 88 S2
6688 - SelfServ 88 BNA
6688 - SelfServ 88 GBNA
6688 - SelfServ 88 GBRU
6688 - SelfServ 88 SCPM
6688 - SelfServ 88 SDM

System Software:

NCR Software Suite


Operating System:

Windows® 10
Windows® 7