NCR SelfServ 81 - Multi-Function Branch Assisted Service ATM & ITM

Reimagine the banking experience with a new user-centered ATM design that enables your financial institution to better connect with consumers in the branch. The SelfServ 81 is a premium interior ATM featuring modular SmartBranch options, including Interactive Teller for remote assisted service integration, as well as Interactive Banker for in-person assistance compatibility.


Height: 50.63" (1,286mm)
Width: 30.31" (770mm)
Depth: 30.47" (774mm)


Public & Private

Barcode Reader:

2D Barcode Reader

Bunch Capacity:

Dispense – S2 Media Dispense Module: up to 60 note bunch,
Deposit – SDM2: up to 100 mixed media bunch cash + check in a single transaction
Recycle/Deposit – GBxx2: up to 200 notes per transaction
Check – SCPM2: Up to 30 checks

Cassette Configuration:

Dispense - 4 or 5, Recycle/Deposit - 3R + 1D or 2R +2D, Mixed Media Deposit - 1 Cash + 1 Check. Dual Module/Tower capability.


Integrated Reader (via card, smartphone or smartwatch)


15" or 19" LCD Multitouch Display


Severe Environment, Biometrics, UPS, Standard: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
With Severe environment: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Humidity (interior): 20% to 80%


Pinpad - Recessed Encrypted
Pinpad - Encrypted
Stainless Steel

Media Handling Technology:

S2 Dispenser, GBXX2, SDM2, Bulk Coin Deposit, Coin Dispense, SCPM,
Optional modular sidecars: card issuance, A4 document scanning, statement printer and ID scanner


Dynamic MEEIs
Green MEEI


Dual, Optional sidecars

Note Capacity:

Cassette Capacity - Dispense: 2,500 notes per cassette.
Deposit: Up to 2,300 notes per cassette
Recycle: Up to 2,000 notes
Mixed Media Deposit - Store up to 4,000 notes + 400 checks.
Check – Up to 1,000 checks

Power Management:

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)


2ST, Dual Roll


Intel Core i3/i5


16 GB
8 GB


Supports “Picture in Picture” security, Privacy filter enabled display, Cameras – 3rd party consumer camera and optional cash slot camera enabled, SolidCore Software Suite, Strengthened Shutter, Integrated Skimming Protection Solution, UL437 Topbox lock, Ballistic Protection Certified, Safes - CEN I. Safe heater with S2.


Front Access
Rear Access
LCD Operator Panel (GOP)
LCD Operator Panel (COP)

Storage Options:

240GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
480GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

Tamper Resistant Card Reader:

Other: Card Reader – EMV Ready (Dip, Motorized IMCRW)

Video Teller Capable:





A range of modular sidecars for greater SmartBranch functionality, Lighting – Task lighting. Ambient light sensing, e-Receipts to a mobile device, NCR Interactive Banker and Teller Enterprise SW compatible, page turning passbook,

Note: Weight varies by safe and can be supplied on request. Capacities vary dependent on check or note quality, thickness and deposit module used.

Product Variations:

6681 - SelfServ 81

System Software:

NCR Software Suite


Operating System:

Windows® 10
Windows® 7