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NCR VOYIX Remote Deposit Capture

Checks are directly imaged using image-enabled ATMs and sent electronically to your processing center where the review process can start straight away. It reduces the number of daily ATM courier pickups needed, expands the business day deposit window and eliminates empty envelope fraud. And your risk review staff can more quickly investigate questionable check deposits.

Automate and improve accuracy for check deposits

Gain the flexibility to accept checks from mobile and other scanning devices. Businesses with a remote workforce or small businesses may choose to make deposits using their mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) as a check scanning device. By automating the image capture process and offering the same deposit experience whether online or mobile, you'll save your customers time and hassle.

Powerful CAR, LAR and OCR tools eliminates keying to reduce errors

• Auto-created electronic deposit slips and lists
• Keying entries eliminated
• Real-time deposit support from your bank’s CRM
• Provide better, customized reporting and export file options for your customers NCR VOYIX Passport provides immediate feedback to the user until the best available check image is detected, captured, compressed and sized to specifications without having to press any buttons.

NCR enables the creation of commercial deposits via mobile devices and is fully integrated into Passport for Commercial Online providing:

• Location level identification
• Data entry fields at the deposit level and check level
• Seamless integration with your bank’s mobile banking offering low cost and secure deposit channel for checks

Vendor management

Speed check processing and clearing so your customers get their money faster

Speed check processing and clearing so your customers get their money faster

Customers can see the check image on their receipt as proof of their deposit to their account

Break up your bank silos

Reduce your risk and potential fraud by breaking away from legacy, siloed and “bolted-on” RDC architecture. Passport uses shared services and business rules across channels, including limits, duplicate detection, reporting and research.

Manage changing deposit volumes easily

Passport's highly scalable and flexible architecture allows you to manage shifting deposit needs based on your customer preferences. With the ability to better control your staff and processing needs based on RDC volumes, you improve efficiencies in your processing centers to clear all your deposits.

Get to market faster

Using our leading-edge technology, you can get up and running faster while saving time and costs on installation—not to mention eliminate the need to acquire and maintain servers, deployment and technology options using technology stacks and open source technologies providing cloud services and scanning.

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