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R10 is a retail enterprise software platform, delivering all store operations capabilities within one system. R10 enables shoppers to experience consistent service across multiple sales channels.

Reduces Fraud

Help reduce fraudulent activities with centralized refunds and controls on coupons and vouchers

Simplified Cash Management

In-store cash reconciliation and cash management process

Seamless Integration

Back office, loyalty integration, ERP integration via thin (off-premise) or thick (on-premise) deployment

Out of the box solution

Delivers multiple-touch points to reach broader audiences Mobile POS, self-scan, Food Serivice POS, Kiosk, Self-Checkout, Fuel and more…

Rich user experience

Improves performance and productivity resulting in faster transactions times and fewer touches 

Globally proven

R10 enterprise platform is live in thousands of stores worldwide

Loyalty & Promotions
Functionality, Performance and Integration

Customer Identification and Loyalty
Real time customer identification at touch point
Integration with any Loyalty Provider based on a generic interface
Feed-back to Loyalty system immediately upon transaction finalization

Advanced Promotion Capabilities
Centralized promotion management
Embedded Promotion Engine with advanced functional capabilities
Conflict Management for promotions, based on predefined rules
Personalization and registration to promotions
Digital and paperless coupons