Take the “point of sale” to the “point of decision” by moving your store associates from behind the counter to the sales floor. This is not only more convenient for your customers, but also helps associates with upsells and guided selling. Paired with our Mobile Gateway solution, it delivers full POS functionality anywhere on the sales floor.

Maximize your IT investment

NCR Advanced Store provides outstanding investment protection as an open system compatible with most hardware and with previous versions of software, allowing you to leverage existing investments. Whether it’s an NCR POS terminal, hardware from another provider or even a mobile device, you reap the benefits of this leading-edge application without a hardware upgrade. Make training and day-to-day use easy for associates.

NCR Advanced Store uses touch screen and features an updated user interface, translating moves such finger swipes into scrolling through a list the same intuitive way that smartphones do. This technology also requires fewer touches by the associate, making it easier to learn (lowering training costs and enabling new cashier success much faster) and reducing the risk of error.

Manage your store with actionable insights

The NCR Advanced Store back office application can be accessed anywhere, from any device. It provides operational insights for store management (including financial and sales reporting, cash management and more).

Help manage fraud

Validate, in real time, all return transactions throughout your business. Returned store items are automatically validated against centralized transactions to obtain the original sales price and help ensure items are only returned once. You can also reduce coupon fraud by validating that items in the transaction and coupons are not expired.

Boost loyalty with offers and promotions

Show your customers you appreciate their repeat business with loyalty offers like promotional pricing, coupons, suggestive selling, multichannel transactions and best deal calculations, which help you sell more and improve your bottom line.

Operating system compatibility:
Microsoft POSReady 7 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
Microsoft POSReady 2009
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Express Edition