NCR Payments for Restaurants

NCR Payment Solutions give you enhanced control over payments, reduced liability, greater flexibility in improving shopper experience and the ability to accept new payment types. Our solutions are highly reliable, with redundancy built in at many levels. Plus, system health monitoring and alerting help assure continuous online availability.

Be ready for payments innovation

NCR Payment Solutions includes a payment gateway and payment processing that supports innovation through adaptive architecture, enabling restaurant operators to rapidly embrace new payment types and improve customer experience.

Freedom of choice

Our payment solutions offer a complete POS platform, PIN pad provider and credit card processor, offering restaurant owners the flexibility to choose the options that best support their business.

Secure payment processing

Our payment solutions use point-to-point encryption and tokenization to ensure all cardholder data is protected during the transaction and the information is only decrypted after it safely arrives at electronic payment data centers.

Maintain compliance with regulations

NCR Payment Solutions help merchants maintain continuous compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). With built-in P2P encryption, NCR Payment solutions offers the most secure protection during transaction processing to adhere to the PCI standard.

NCR Aloha Consumer Self Ordering

Product variations:
NCR Connected Payments
NCR Payment Solutions
NCR Payment Gateway
NCR Payment Processing