NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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Customers are looking for both a great c-store experience and secure payment terminals. NCR VOYIX OPTIC provides EMV-compliant payment terminals that detect tampering in real time to stop fraud as it happens. NCR OPTIC also gives you full control of your content at the pump, so you can drive targeted promotional offers that engage your customers while they fuel. With NCR, it's simple to add capabilities like grab-and-go at the pump to drive fuel-only customers into your store for higher margin sales.

Stop fraud and mitigate risk

OPTIC is EMV compliant and minimizes your risk of counterfeit fraud charges by alerting you in real time of any tampering at your pumps. It locks the pump in case of tampering – stopping fraud, protecting your customers and safeguarding your brand reputation.

Complete content control

NCR VOYIX OPTIC media management gives you complete content control across all terminals, no matter the brand of pump, enabling a consistent customer experience across all sites. The open cloud platform supports custom applications and the ability to deploy new business models such as grab & go and loyalty based personalized offers.

Centralized cloud management

NCR VOYIX OPTIC cloud management speeds up site installations through remote security key injection and central management of customized content, like advertisements and customer prompts. Ongoing updates can be done via the cloud with no disruption to business while keeping costs low by alleviating the need for a site visit.

Contact and contactless EMV

NCR VOYIX OPTIC offers contact and contactless EMV, delivering superior security and customer experience. With NCR OPTIC, you're also ready for next-generation capabilities, such as mobile payments and NFC.


OPTIC gives you options:

NCR VOYIX OPTIC 12 is modular by design with a large 12" touchscreen, contact and contactless readers supporting cards and mobile wallets. Modular options include ADA keypad and printer support. NCR OPTIC 12 is ideal for customer engagement at the pump with support for video playback, integrated loyalty and instant coupon printing.

NCR VOYIX OPTIC 5 is an all-in-one, small footprint outdoor payment terminal that offers EMV-compliance for older fuel dispenser models. It comes with an integrated chip-card reader, contactless reader, thermal printer and 2D barcode scanner. It's an ideal solution for retailers who want EMV compliance for their older dispenser estate.

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