NCR Merchandising

NCR merchandising solutions automate daily operational store tasks to give your fast-moving consumer goods business a competitive edge. Starting with assortment planning and item management, our solutions simplify pricing strategy and ensure you have the right products at your stores to meet customer demand and grow profitable sales. Our store replenishment software measures consumer demand signals and other key variables to forecast future demand and place the perfect order.


NCR Power HQ is your backbone for grocery operations – maintaining core data including items, vendors, stores and costs across your retail enterprise for accurate and consistent data across all touchpoints. Power HQ executes your price strategy with comprehensive pricing rules, helping you to maintain target margins for regular prices and promotions across all stores. NCR Power HQ:
• Maintains your master item catalogue with support for all required retail attributes such as POS and tax flags
• Supports the creation and maintenance of complex price and promotions
• Integrates with store systems including POS, loyalty, scale hosting, tag printing and price optimization tools


NCR Power DAX and Inventory are specifically designed for fast-moving consumer goods retailers and help optimize inventory ordering and stock replenishment. It contains four core modules – Forecasting, Inventory, Ordering and Analytics – which rely on mathematically-advanced algorithms to understand demand and accurately manage replenishment orders.
• Automated demand forecasting and replenishment
• Intelligent fresh and perishable item handling
• Centralized inventory management from start to finish
• Parallel inventory counts and financial valuation processes
• Automated alerts on inventory discrepancies and low/high stock warnings

In-Store Picking

NCR Power Picking is a store-based order fulfillment solution that enables buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS). It interfaces with eCommerce platforms to convert orders into pick lists, directing associates throughout the store in the most efficient route possible. Associates use a mobile tablet and scanner to verify the accuracy of each item within an order. Upon completing the entire order, it generates labels for each container and stages the order for pick-up or delivery.
• Directs associates to pick up to 8 orders at once
• Allows users to create store maps for improved picking performance
• Manager console for monitoring order fulfillment status
• Interfaces with POS and loyalty programs for accurate calculation of price, loyalty points and discounts

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