NCR Interactive Banker

Combine the best of full service and the convenience of self-service with NCR Interactive Banker. It's a browser-based application that allows your tellers to break away from the counter and serve customers using a teller application from their tablet.

Now, branch teller lines are a thing of the past and new, lean branch formats become a reality, accelerating your transformation strategy.

You'll empower your staff to deliver assistance (either proactively or when requested), use rich customer data to present new sales opportunities and help customers with self-service transactions so you can confidently ensure outstanding in-branch experiences, every time.

Deliver even more exceptional customer service

Tablet technology delivers a staff view of multiple live transactions at each ATM/ITM so your team can precisely target where to assist. The solutions uses real-time customer data so your financial institution delivers the very best assisted service at the most appropriate moment, so your customers are happier, your staff is happier and you're better able to cross-sell more effectively in real time.  

Cross-sell more effectively in the moment

Thanks to real-time information on cross-selling opportunities, staff can act immediately and offer customers a product or service they're interested in. The solution can identify bank and non-bank customers so you team is prepared for those targeted interactions. Interactive Banker can be integrated with your bank's CRM or Salesforce tool. This enables your ATM to play a key part in delivering a seamless digital marketing experience for your customers.

Deploy differentiated branch models to build your brand

Get the flexibility to deploy smaller, smarter branch formats to reduce costs and win new customers. Providing a 'counter-like' experience while facilitating the migration of counter transactions to self-service where untethered branch staff are on hand to provide assistance at any point in the transactions.

Offer new and enhanced transactions

Interactive Banker provides a published API your FI can use to integrate the enterprise service to other transaction processing systems such as core banking, giving you an alternative to the switch system.

This has several advantages:
1. A bank can provide a richer transaction set, closer aligned to the branch, over and above what is traditionally offered through a switch such as Bill Payment.
2. These transactions can be controlled via staff intervention. For example staff can provide override facilities, such a large amount withdrawal. Traditionally ATMs have a limit, but within a branch a bank may wish to provide discretionary service to allow a larger amount to be dispensed provided a member of staff has seen additional ID and approved the transactions.
3. Reduce transaction processing fees but reducing the use of a switch that maybe charging you on a per transaction basis. Route all transactions even simple withdrawal and deposit direct to your Core banking and save money
4. Increase the visibility of a customers entire product set with you via the ATM. So where previously a customer with a Mortgage or Loan may not have been able to see their account via an ATM due to switch limitations, now with Interactive Banker integrated to alternative back end systems, all this can be made viewable at the ATM.

Branch staff get a management view of their ATMs

As you replace your counter with self-service technology, give your branch staff a mission-critical view of what's happening at the ATM. Interactive Banker provides alerts on State of Health. Is the deposit function jammed. Is the receipt paper running low. Interactive Banker also provides visibility of the Cash within the ATM. The means staff know when replenishment is required and what denominations. Cassette 1 is empty, $20 notes are running low, $50 notes are empty. All of this can be seen from the tablet.

Report and audit

Interactive Banker provides an enterprise view of all transactions at the branch: Who asked for help? How long did they wait for assistance? Who assisted them? Where in the transaction flow did they request this assistance? All of this and much more is available in a file that can be used to improve and audit your branches.

This application has been optimized for tablets (Windows or Android OS) but can also operate on a laptop or desktop screen.
Browser-based application operating with Internet Explorer or Android Chrome.

Implementation Services Available
On-site Implementation Services Available
Network/Connectivity Audit Recommended
Connectivity to Core, CRM, Account and Customer file systems
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