NCR Restaurant Managed Services

Your customers expect your business to be "always on." And while you have to deliver 100% availability, you have to keep an eye on costs. This is where NCR Digital Connected Services solutions can help.

We apply insights from millions of devices under contracted service and billions of data signals to ensure customer availability is not being impacted, while at the same time you're getting the best ROI. With the utilization of NCR Digital Connected Services (DCS) for Restaurants, NCR can help your business stay running at its best. DCS can help make simple possible with a service delivery platform, providing the mechanism to CONNECT, VISUALIZE and AUTOMATE. These components make it simpler to manage your systems and make sure they’re always on, always available, for your customers.

Digital Connected Services includes Connected Systems Management, Digital First Service Desk, Operations 360, Multi-Vendor Maintenance and Managed Security

Digital Connected Services (DCS) is enabled by the people, processes, knowledge and tools that keep our customers' technology running at its best—always on, supported, secure and consistent across touchpoints—so their customers have the best experiences.

Five critical building blocks support DCS:
(1) Digital First Service Desk: Automating remote service interactions with chat bots and other Robotic Process Automation and AI tools to reduce human intervention required from NCR and our customers.
(2) Connected Systems Management: Building and leveraging best-in-class IoT platform providers to allow us to connect to any networked device within a site.
(3) Operations 360: Reporting, analytics and insights, giving operations executives "single-pane-of-glass" visibility to asset and process health and service performance metrics.
(4) Multi-Vendor Maintenance: Hardware and software maintenance services on a total of nearly nine million devices today, three million of which are not built by NCR.
(5) Managed Security: Value-added services like OS patch management, software content management, and end-point security services like white-listing and black-listing.

We're your competitive advantage. NCR is uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive multi-vendor IT services that make technology work for you as you grow. DCS has been designed to drive business outcomes whether operational savings, technology enhancement, process automation, scalability or improved customer experience.

Digital First Service Desk

NCR's Service Desk will help you find a quick, efficient solution by becoming your single point of contact. It offers flexible service desk support ranging from level 1 to level 3 support, vendor management, escalation management, corporate office and multi-vendor support. Our retail IT experts are fluent in 17+ languages.

Networking Solutions

Services include:
Networking Assessment/Design & Management