NCR Restaurant Installation and Deployment Services

NCR's end-to-end services help you install and deploy your site equipment. With comprehensive industry expertise and knowledge, our project managers ensure a timely and cost effective deployment that minimizes disruption to your customers. We make sure the right engineers with the right skills are assigned to your unique hardware, software and technology deployment. These experts install your project on time and on budget, so your customers access your new equipment faster—and you see a faster return on investment.

Project Management

NCR provides value not only through technical installation expertise, but also by effectively coordinating the schedules and services of contractors and suppliers whose activities must be timed and paced for on-time completion.

Site Assessment & Preparation

Our dedicated professionals visit the deployment site and provide a plan, necessary costing and technical drawings as required to assess the readiness for deployment.

Equipment Staging

NCR performs staging of NCR and multivendor equipment. Our staging professionals receive and manage inventory, assemble, load, configure and test your equipment, reducing installation time.

Installation, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMAC)

NCR can install your equipment whether it's from NCR or a third party and can move, add and change services with a trained service delivery staff using proven processes, tools and certifications.


De-installation services can include updating, removing, refurbishing, preserving or disposing of existing equipment.

Hardware Procurement Services

We can source the hardware to your specs, warehouse the hardware within the desired region, consolidate the hardware for staging and ship as one completed site order.