NCR Display 5977

Connect with customers using a bright, easy-to-read 2x20 display that’s built to last.


Width 6.77", Depth 1.18", Height 2.76"

Character Sets:

Code pages: LED 3 pre-installed code pages (858-International 866-Cyrillic 101-Katakana), Graphical: 10 single-byte and 4 double byte code pages pre-installed


Black, white


Display Technology:

LED: Advanced Black Nematic (LED)
Graphical: Vacuum Fluorescent (VFD)

Display Attributes:

LED: White LEDx4 600 nits
Graphical: VFD 700 nits


Spill Resistant
Dust Resistant

I/O and Ports:

LED: RS232 and USB
Graphical: RS232 and USB (virtual RS232 when using USB)


LED: Flash Memory 2Mbit (serial SPI) supports 17 additional code pages

Mounting Options:

4”, 8”, 12”, 16” Poles

Printing Cycle Power Consumption:

LED: 0.29W (standby); 0.63W (typ); 1.56 W (max) (129.6mA at 12VDC)
Graphical: 2.7W


MTBF Brightness:
LED: Minimum 120,000 Hrs. @40% brightness
Graphical: 1.7M Hrs.


Character Font/Size:
LED: 2x20 7 x 9 format 9.5mm to 10.5mm
Graphical: 256x64 pixels up to 4 lines of 16x16 double-byte graphical characters


Protective Lens: Yes

Weights and Measures Compliant:
LED: Yes
Graphical: No

Weight (pole sizes includes pole, mount and swivel):
LED: Display Only: 0.58 lbs. 4”: 1.0 lbs 8”: 1.17 lbs. 12”: 1.33 lbs. 16”: 1.5 lbs
Graphical: Display Only: 0.7 lbs. 4”: 1.12 lbs. 8”: 1.32 lbs. 12”: 1.42 lbs. 16”: 1.62 lbs.

Product Variations:

Wall Mount Bracket (1930-K001)

NCR XL7W Display
NCR XL10W Display
NCR XL15W Display