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NCR VOYIX Display - 5910 No Bezel

The dramatic, ultra-thin XL10W display delivers the very latest zero-bezel look you want — at a price that fits your budget. This sleek wide-aspect display is available with PCAP touch-screen or no-touch options, and its ultra-bright and super-sharp image makes it easy to read and helps provide the enjoyable checkout experience your shoppers expect.


Without mounting or msr: 261.14mm (10.3“) x 31.63mm (1.25“) x 179.29mm (7.1“) 0.73kg (1.6 lbs)
On NCR VOYIX table-top stand, no MSR: 261.14mm (10.3“) x 234.44mm (9.2“) x 284.28mm (11.2“) 2.79kg (6.15 lbs)

Aspect Ratio:

Widescreen 16:9


DisplayPort interface version: Speaker, via cable from terminal amplified audio port
USB-C interface version: No audio support


White (PCAP only) - White models are available in locations where NCR VOYIX white terminals are offered


10.1" TFT Projected Capacitive Touchscreen 16:9 Apect Ratio, 1920x1080 Resolution

Display Attributes:

Backlight hours: 30,000
Luminance: 400 nit
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Anti-glare: No
PCAP Touch or Non-Touch available


Spill Resistant
Dust Resistant
Operating temperature: 5° to 40°C
Relative humidity range: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)

Image Technology:

LED Backlight with optional PCAP Touch

Integrated Peripheral Options:

Encrypted 3-track MSR*

* White model available in locations where NCR VOYIX white terminals are offered

I/O and Ports:

USB-C for integrated/internal connection

Magnetic Stripe Reader:

Yes, Encrypted 3-track, Available in white where NCR VOYIX white terminals are offered

Mounting Options:

50mm x 75mm Pole Mount
NCR VOYIX Counter Top Stand
White stand model available in locations where NCR white terminals are offered
75mm to 100mm adapter available

Native Resolution:


On-screen Display Controls:

Software controls (no external buttons)

Power Management:

12V terminal power option over powered USB
External Power Supply


30,000 hours


Projected Capacitive (10-point multi-touch), optional

Video Interface:

USB-C for internal/integrated mounting

Product Variations:

PCAP Touch, Black or White*
Non-Touch, Black

* White available in locations where NCR VOYIX white POS is offered

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