NCR ATM Marketing

ATM Marketing helps you turn every ATM transaction into engaging and powerful interactions that unify your physical and digital channels.

By serving personal preference options, targeted messaging and offers and promotions based on location and time of day, you can engage your users, cross-sell on the spot and attract new customers right at your ATMs.

With a built-in communication manager, you can reuse your marketing assets across all channels to create a single consumer experience that maximizes revenue. And by making it easy to control who you target, ATM Marketing makes sure you deliver the right messages, at the right time, every time.

Powerful marketing capabilities

• Preferences management
• One-to-one marketing
• One-way, broad-based marketing
• Two-way messaging interaction based on choices, numeric input or combination
• Content prioritization and testing
• Location-based, time-based, display-based and interaction-based messaging
• Feeds from your CRM system for campaigns/segments
• Interaction feedback to your CRM system

Campaigns you can run with CxMarketing

• Personal or auto loan
• Debit card upgrade
• Debit card spend
• Credit card acquisition
• Credit card limit enhancements
• Time deposits
• General or life insurance
• Insurance renewals
• Electronic statement
• Contact update
• Welcome and birthday messages
• Investment leads
• Corporate communications
• And so much more

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