NCR Channel Services Platform

Turn siloed transaction functions into a unified set of software services.

Evolve your banking architecture at your own pace

Allows financial institutions to evolve their architecture at their own pace creating channel convergence. FIs can surface business logic from the core systems making business logic and transactional data available within a smart middle tier in real-time, seamlessly across a broad set of endpoints.

Unified set of modern transaction services interfacing between bank and consumer-facing transaction channels.

Transforms a financial institution's operations and channel infrastructure to better serve bank staff and customers by providing amazing, omni-channel inter-connected transaction experiences and helps redefine core banking systems as systems of record.

APIs, light weight service orchestration and cloud.

NCR has built a tool and pre-orchestrated NCR services to surface higher-level business domain APIs. Instead of building a withdrawal several small microservices, for example, you would just call the cash withdrawal API. 

Seamless services shared between transaction channels.

NCR provides many different services that are required in order to orchestrate transaction processes within a bank supporting a holistic customer experience by creating expanded self-service or assisted-service experiences tailored to the customer. 

Align with regulatory projects and reduce costs and risk.

Retire physical branch servers that are difficult to maintain, and remove aged code to help mitigate the risk of customer data exposure in support of safety and soundness regulations you need to adhere to in your physical infrastructure.

Faster response times

By removing redundancies in your systems, FIs can respond faster to customer queries and the growing number of digital transactions. With an open and scalable IT ecosystem, NCR Channel Services Platform makes it easier for financial institutions to test and deploy new innovations rapidly to respond to changing market needs.