NCR CFI Integrated Solutions

These fit-for-purpose services have been designed to impact critical areas of customer interaction at the ATM for Community Financial Institutions (CFI).

Built on the guiding principles below, and constructed on critical areas of focus: 
(1) Deliver world-class availability and minimize failed customer interaction (FCI)
(2) Reduce security risk profile and enhance regulatory compliance.

· MONITOR self-service channel devices 24 x 7
· MAINTAIN with a 13,000-person technical workforce providing first and second line maintenance to resolve ATM issues
· SECURE the ATM against logical attack through a comprehensive Defense in Depth solution
· MANAGE not just the ATM channel performance but also field operations efficiency, customer experience metrics, cost of ownership and internal efficiencies  

Integrated Managed Solutions

NCR’s Integrated Managed Services is a tiered outsourced solution designed to maximize ATM channel availability, minimize failed customer interactions and better manage physical and logical security risks for CFIs.  Designed to be deployed in a fit-for-purpose configuration that best meets the individual CFI’s needs, it ranges in capabilities from monitoring and maintaining your ATM network to predictive services to comprehensive security protection.

This service is available in four unique service levels aligned to specific business outcomes, requirements, and budgets. It provides you with peace of mind through an all-inclusive ATM operations package.

Defense in Depth (Managed Security)

Defense in Depth Security Services is based on NCR’s framework of Monitor-Maintain-Secure-Manage that enables the solution to optimize critical components of service delivery to be outcome-focused, driving higher ATM availability and lower security risk profiles.

Four uniquely designed service offers that are aligned to customer strategic objectives:
(1) SW application compliance
(2) Password governance
(3) Application whitelisting and
(4) Prevention from attack when data is either at rest or in offline mode

NCR Hardware Maintenance
NCR Cash Management
NCR ATM Deployment