NCR Cash Management - OptiCash

Accurately predict the demand for currency at each cash point on an individual basis with NCR OptiCash. It applies sophisticated mathematical algorithms to historical, event and cost data to determine the optimum cash position and delivery schedule for each cashpoint.

Key capabilities

• Precision network analysis for each individual cash point
• Pre-emptive alerts to prevent cash outages
• Improved consumer service
• Reduced cash requirements and cash deliveries, saving costs
• Seamless integration with existing bank systems and networks

Premium - Key capabilities

Combined business and Operational data analysis
Dashboard analytics
High performance incident management
Inventory management
Cash and media level monitoring
Transaction monitoring
Software distribution
Electronic journal management
Remote commands
Multivendor management


OptiVault is a vault consolidation solution optimizing currency and coin ordering. Bank money rooms and carrier vaults can be cleared to an efficient level to meet demand.

Main features include:
Optimize costs without sacrificing quality
Delivers a bank-wide or network-wide view of overall currency requirements, while taking changing trends and local variations into account
Enables the reduction of vault cash holdings to the most efficient level required to meet total demand
Reduces risk by assisting with the avoidance of cross-shipping penalties


Cash Logistics Management solutions allow you to track return and cash ordering information from and to a variety of sources, including ATMs, branches, the central bank, commercial customers, as well as other banks and external vaults. Different modules are available to help manage specific processes:
• Carrier Web - Allow access and integration of the CIT provider or other 3rd party systems
• Invoice Validation - Electronic capture and reconciliation of CIT vendor invoices, claim generation and invoice tracking against actual deliveries
• Vault Balance - Real-time cash inventory tracking of both levels and flow throughout the entire vault network
• OptiTransport - Transport optimization of truck capacity and route planning based on network cost reduction
• OptiReport - Advanced Reporting Engine to create localized and personalized reports & dashboards aligned to business needs


Mobile enablement with Pulse Banking

Available as a SaaS or On-Premise subscription deployment