NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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NCR VOYIX Digital Connected Services

Digital Connected Services (DCS) is NCR VOYIX’s managed services evolution.  It is built upon a leading industry service delivery platform, providing the ability  to CONNECT, VISUALIZE and AUTOMATE, making it simpler to manage your self-service estate and IoT enabled devices to make sure they’re always on, always available, for your customers.

This is where NCR Digital Connected Services solutions can help. We apply insights from millions of devices under contracted service and billions of data signals to ensure customer availability is not being impacted, while at the same time you're getting the best ROI.

You will also have the power of data visualization at your fingertips.  Though the online analytics portal, you will be provided access to meaningful operational and business focused dashboards.    

Event (Incident) Management

NCR VOYIX Event Management Service will improve your device availability by increasing the number of problems resolved remotely as well as the ability to resolve the first time through the use of data and analytics. This higher availability translates into more device transacting time leading to increased revenues and improved customer satisfaction.

Your estate is monitored 24 x 7 with events automatically being dispatched based on customer impact criteria in order to minimize consumer disruption.

Managing Cash

Banks today are paying more attention to the Customer experience and cost. The most negative ATM experience is finding out that there is no cash available.  Traditionally the activity of ordering cash for the ATM as well as its replenishment has been left to the branch staff or CiT personnel, but due to staff turnover and a focus on selling higher value financial products, the activity of ordering and replenishing the ATM may not always receive the same level of attention.  With NCR VOYIX's rich Cash Management services, an ATM will never be left standing empty. 

Our services will ensure that cash demand is met both for your consumer as well as your commercial customers in the most cost effective distribution process, and we can even manage your CiT of choice to ensure that deliveries are being met in a timely fashion.

Services include: Cash forecasting for the ATM, Branch and Vault; CiT Management

Electronic Journal Management

NCR VOYIX’s EJ Management solution provides the ability to easily and efficiently manage your electronic journals for your entire multi-vendor ATM portfolio.  These electronic journal data files are accessible through a browser‑based interface, which allows bank operators to easily search the EJ data for particular transaction information, view the results in real-time and consume them in the format they prefer: print, download or export for archival.

Managed Security

Increase consumers’ trust by ensuring all the channels consumers interact with them are kept secure from malware and security breach. Once the system is compromised, malware could empty cash from the ATM/ITM (jackpotting) or steal card data. A single security or data breach can compromise customer confidence in addition to incurring substantial financial and reputation loss.

Through this service suite NCR VOYIX will ensure that the ATM is kept compliant and safe from malware attack by a regimented governance of scheduled software and BIOS updates.

While we recommend maximum protection against logical attack made available through a layered approach, we also provide our customers with the flexibility to deploy those services in line with their own security policies. Security is not an option at NCR.

Services include: Application whitelisting, Hard disk encryption, Remote BIOS update, Anti-Virus Protection, and Windows Password Protection, all backed by a powerful SW distribution platform and management reporting capabilities.

SW Content Management

In today’s financial environment, banking institutions need solutions that will simplify the management and compliance of their ATM estate, so you can focus on key business objectives. NCR VOYIX SW Distribution service will allow you to effectively maintain ATM network compliance and focus on driving business results.

Managing security SW updates, marketing campaigns and any software related distribution can sometimes become a challenge when resources are scarce, even when a much-needed cadence is required. 

Don’t “skip the line” on these potentially brand impacting services.  Count on NCR to aid in the management of content distribution for:

• Windows Security updates
• Software application updates
• Secure BIOS updates
• Campaign distribution 

NCR VOYIX Hardware Maintenance
NCR Multivendor Maintenance
NCR Installation and Deployment Services