NCR Back Office

NCR Back Office gives you the tools you need to manage staffing, analyze labor data and assess and optimize your inventory costs.

Forecast Engine

Track sales, guests, product mix and key volume indicators at the 15-minute interval and use as a basis for labor guidance.

Food Cost Valuation

Choose from five different options for food cost value - FIFO, Current Cast Cost, Standard Cost, Daily Weighted Average Cost and Monthly Weighted Average Cost.

Labor scheduling

Access a variety of reports that reflect employee and manager schedules based on work shifts for the day and week.

See and eliminate unnecessary spending

Review your top 20 food cost issues and key variances to pinpoint and remove areas of unnecessary spending.

Mobile Schedules

Enable your employees and managers to view their schedules on iOS and Android devices.

Purchasing & Receiving

Compare theoretical costs to actual spending, using information to refine your purchasing strategies.



Other regularly used features include SMS text to employees, tip distribution and tip reporting, Affordable Care Act reporting, overtime tracking, schedule enforcement and ideal hour tracking.

Implementation Services Available