NCR ATM Enterprise Software - NDC Enterprise

NDC Enterprise offers your consumers the most modern, broad mix of transactions possible while achieving operational agility and efficiency. This frees your ATM network from the shackles of the switch for both NCR and mulitvendor ATMs. It extends your channel capabilities with new transactions and gives you greater control of transaction flows. It offers engaging, targeted interactions and rich personalized experiences for consumers, as well as wide-ranging, targeted marketing capabilities.

Simplicity with reduced TCO

• Can build on your existing Advanced NDC states and screens implementation
• The Enterprise server facilitates the rapid deployment of new transactions and makes changes to existing transactions simple and fast
• Reduce costs by managing the transaction flows and user interface through the Enterprise Server
• Remove the need for host changes by introducing adjunct transactions
• Seamlessly combined with a rich toolset for flow and user interface design
• Reduces PS costs and complexity

Be prepared for what's now and what's next

• Modern architecture and integration capabilities
• Fully compliant with industry regulations and standards
• Using open standards such as HTML 5, Java, JavaScript
• Using digital (web-based) technologies
• Ability to integrate and leverage NCRs complete CxBanking Platform
• Vision Management
• Cx Marketing
• Cx Terminal Handler
• Authentic
• Assisted and Collaboration Services

Offer the best customer experience

• Engage customers with a familiar "tablet-like" tile UI with modern HTML 5 UI technology
• Expansive range of UI configurable options such as branding, marketing, tile assignments, scripts and flow parameters
• Enhanced Transaction and Services set offered by the Enterprise going beyond the traditional ATM Silo
• Supporting Contactless Authentication

Enterprise solution with full security

• Take your ATM out of the channel silo, using shared services across your enterprise, including transactions, core banking integration and common, shared API-based services
• Shared infrastructure for digital banking, CRM, management systems
• Consistent look and feel across the enterprise
• Common skill-set using open technologies already in use in digital channels
• PCI compliance, PA-DSS validated, EMV level 2, triple DES compliant
• Remote key management, TLS encrypted comms

Branch optimized

• Supporting NCR's Interactive and Collaboration Services solutions.
• Remote Video Assistance, for longer hours of service at a location and time convenient to the consumer
• In-Branch Assisted Service - enabling the migration of counter transactions to Self Service without losing contact with the consumer and the ability to grow that relationship
• Enabling integration to Core banking to provide more Branch transactions that traditionally have not been available from the switch.
• Provides the flexibility to dynamically change strategy, even on a per-site basis

Windows® 7 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Value

Implementation Services Available
On-site Implementation Services Available
Software Maintenance Services Available
Network and Connectivity Audit Recommended