NCR ATM-as-a-Service

NCR’s ATM-as-a-Service simplifies the self-service channel by offering ownership options and end-to-end management of the entire self-service strategy including hardware, software and services.

Partnering with NCR enables financial institutions to increase the customer experience, enabling innovation and focus on digital transformation without having to make large capital expenditure. NCR will manage the entire channel with special attention to lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership).

Through this service our customers can expect:
· Technology that’s current and supporting your bank’s strategic direction and market competitiveness
· Continuous innovation through our ongoing engagement and consultative approach
· Drive higher customer interactions [at the ATM channel] through a device availability focus
· To shift cost structure away from large capital investments

Technology (Customer endpoints):
You need a device to service, right? Under ATMaaS program, a customer will have the freedom to explore asset ownership.

Location Services:
NCR will manage the technology lifecycle, before, during and after sale. This suite of services covers the A-Z of location services from site surveys, installation, deployment, and when the time comes, eventual asset disposal. 

Application Management:
NCR will manage the ATM application software for your entire estate. This includes the activities of configuration, build, development as needed during initial deployment, test, update, and software support of associated assets.

Performance Management:
Improving customer availability is the focus of this suite of services. Digital Connected Services will monitor your ATM estate, ensuring no outages due to cash, and keeping the ATM network SW compliant so your customers are not at risk. And when an engineer is needed on-site, we’ll make sure they’re dispatched in a timely manner avoiding any impact to the customer experience.

Strategic Advisory Services:
Under this service portfolio, NCR will conduct scheduled business reviews focused on optimizing your channel operations from a customer experience and cost point of view. 

Business Management Reporting:
Data is key to managing performance and the proper visualization of that data is critical to making the right business decisions. Analytics and insights presented through NCR Operations360 will provide you with a consolidated performance view of your self-service channel.    

NCR Multivendor Maintenance