NCR has separated into two separate and distinct companies: NCR VOYIX and NCR Atleos.
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Used by more cashiers and servers than any other POS in the industry, NCR VOYIX Aloha POS is a comprehensive restaurant point-of-sale and management software with 30 years of features and functionality built into the system.

Delivery Marketplace Integration

Reduce the number of devices cluttering your countertop with direct integration to various third-party delivery marketplaces.

Conversational Ordering

Ensure your employees can enter orders in the way the customer speaks them.

Ordering Operations

Give employees the ability to use very robust ordering capabilities, including naming tabs, sharing tabs with others, nested modifiers, hold and fire, coursing and order by seat.

Out of Stock Item Alert

Enable employees to see 86'd items on the POS to improve guest experience.

Restaurant Table Management

Customize your floor plan, monitor sections of your front of house, transfer tables, assign servers to tables and transfer seats and items.

Restaurant Labor Management

Various features include assigning multiple roles to individual employees, user role permissions, pay rates set by user role, overtime tracking, break enforcement, staff performance tracking and much more.

Standard 4:3 screen
Windows Embedded POS Ready 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Value
Windows 10 IoT 64bit

Implementation Services Available
On-site Implementation Services Required
Software Maintenance Services Available
NCR VOYIX P1535 POS Terminal
NCR Connected Payments
NCR PX10 POS Terminal