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NCR VOYIX Aloha Kitchen

NCR VOYIX Aloha Kitchen provides the ability to structure and deliver a consistent and accurate operational flow through the kitchen - driving volume, velocity and high quality food preparation and execution. Restaurants that implement NCR Aloha Kitchen, on average, see a 15% increase in speed of service and a 40% decrease in kitchen errors.

Load Balancing

Automatically route orders to a kitchen station that is being underutilized if a specific kitchen station is being slammed.

Order Source and Destination

Color-code orders to easily tell where they originated from and where the order will be received.

Station Configuration

Configure each station independently - production screens can include instructions for starting and finalizing food items, expediter screens can include instructions for delivering final orders.

Bin Functionality and Management

Access a consolidated view of bulk production items, like fries or wings, that are currently needed to fulfill orders.

Advanced Reporting & Alerts

Available reports include audit report, item level summary, item level variance report, consolidated item detail report, station level item report, order level flash report, order timing report, speed of service reports and more.

Integration with Digital Signage

Add order ready and confirmation digital signage to your front of house to enable your customers and delivery drivers to easily see when their orders are ready.

Touchscreen Enabled
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Value
Windows® 10 IoT 64bit

Implementation Services Available
On-site Implementation Services Available