NCR: Powering Commerce

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<POS scanner beeps>


Do you hear that? That's the sound of growing up. That's the sound of an apology. And that's the sound of a trip they'll never forget. 


But to us, that's the sound of commerce, the heartbeat of our world. And our job is to make sure it never stops. That's why when they're sleeping, these machines around the world are still running. Driven by our dedication to our customers, we are always on, so they can be too.


That's why we work behind the scenes, and stay ahead of the curve. Answering each call with the knowledge, solutions, courage, and integrity that keep this (ATM machines), this (airline checkin-in kiosks) and this working. Because to us, each transaction, experience, scan, click and big idea is an opportunity that inspires a new rhythm for our ever-changing world. 


But what if these sounds...stopped?


For us, that's not an option, because our job is to keep these sounds and our world going, so that our customers can keep moving forward, so that problems are solved before they become one, so that we know where commerce is going and are there when it arrives. All so that the heart of our world keeps on beating.