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Help make employment verification faster and easier

Standardized verification helps streamline the transfer of information between employers and verifiers—helping accelerate the decision process.

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  • The Work Number provides employment and income verifications to companies that need it for decisions on loans, credit, government benefits, and other permissible purposes under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • It has a network of more than 68,000 organizations with credentiales verifiers and the database is updated each payroll cycle with employer-provided or payroll partner-provided payroll data to deliver up-to-date information
  • Verifications from the Work Number database are consumer reports as defined by the FCRA, so every verifier such as lenders and government agencies must be vetted and approved prior to accessing employee data and must have a permissible purpose under the FCRA for each request
  • Verifiers may go through re-credentialing at various points to maintain their access to The Work Number
  • Employees can access their information, confirm when a verification was completed and see who requested or received their data.


The Work Number® database from Equifax delivers a standardized verification service that helps streamline the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, creating an accelerated decision process for the employee.


  • Helps increase the speed of employment and payroll verification while helping reduce the risk of error
  • Helps provide quick responses that employees count on
  • Helps save time for both the employer and employee since employers no longer have to track down payroll records every time they receive a verification request and candidates don't have to hunt for their paystubs every time

Help make employment verification faster and easier.

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