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Time tracking

Increase productivity and business performance. 

All your time tracking needs are managed right within Workforce Today.  This time and attendance management solution provides you with a better way to collect and track employee time. 

Stop overworking yourself.

Stop overworking yourself. Paper tracking time and attendance slow down productivity. Even online reporting can be inefficient due to importing or duplicate data entry. We’ve made automating multiple tasks simple.

The easy-to-use solution

Get everybody on the same page with:

  • New graphical calendar cards
  • Easy payroll closing with one click
  • Timecard alerts
  • Time off balance
  • TLM and attendance reports
  • And so much more!

Schedule Attendance

We’ve made automating multiple tasks simple

Workforce Today helps you reduce the time spent on employee scheduling and tracking attendance by helping you to build the employee schedules, monitor attendance.

Eliminate Mistakes

Our technology will take the schedules created and compare them with the time employees actually worked – giving you a clear picture what your employees are doing.

Our time-saving features include:

  • Automation - automatically track accruals the easy way. We understands you need a system that fits your existing policies. Customize your reports to tally per hour, per day, per pay, or per month. So long, spreadsheets!
  • Monitoring - customize the system to monitor overtime or schedule meal breaks automatically. This allows you to be aware of all the important things going on without having to constantly monitor them manually. 
  • Effortless payroll - we have eliminated the need to manually key in hours and wages, which takes away the possibility of clerical errors. With our smart system, you will complete payroll in a fraction of the time.
  • Fraud controls - intelligent systems track and monitor punches to identify troublesome patterns. Alerts put an end to “buddy punching” and other problematic time theft common occurrences. 
  • Alerts and notification - You don’t have to watch over the punch clock when it’s integrated with your HR and Payroll dashboard. Customize alerts to manage the timing and duration of hours worked. Set up notifications for: 
    • Schedule changes
    • Lateness
    • Leaving early
    • Working over allocated hours
    • Working too few hours

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