HR Smart Comply

An HR compliance solution you can afford for HR problems you can't

Countless ways to stay ahead of new governance:

HR Smart Comply 

Tools that seamlessly integrate regulation updates.

  • Cloud-based solutions -  you can search and find current information about anything related to HR. This solution helps create and maintain federal/state employee handbooks
  • Live Assistance - if the information isn’t enough and you need more, HR Smart Comply offers a live assistance option that allows you to communicate with someone anytime!
  • Advising and Consultation NCR HR Outsourcing includes the opportunity to have a subject matter expert advise you on next steps and make sure you stay on track.

Protect your business

  • Consult with experts - direct access to certified HR professionals on demand. 
  • Stay compliant - create and maintain federal/states employee handbooks. 
  • Minimize time waste - automate your recruiting, hiring and applicant tracking. 
  • Streamline onboarding - electronic and mobile onboarding of new hires
  • Round the clock assistance24/7 access to online training, HR templates and tools. 

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