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With automation in mind, our tools were modeled after the workflows considered best-practice in the payroll industry. Now you have more time to grow your business.    

  • Payroll - Paying your staff is so much more than tallying timesheets and cutting checks. With our single-database HCM platform, your payroll can run faster, more accurately and more efficiently – with less time invested by you.
  • Human Resources - From hiring to onboarding to managing your employees, we have the technological support you need to navigate HR effortlessly. 
  • Tax Filing - Tax rates and laws vary by State, however, each State must also meet at least the Federal minimum standards. We deposit and file all of the required payroll tax, so you don’t have to.

Lighten your workload with employee self-service

The only constant is change. 

When you manage benefits and salaries there are always modifications to be made. Our simple interface allows employees to create and submit payroll changes as they take place, taking the burden off your HR department. 

Simply review and commit approved changes to your next payroll cycle. 

We are part of your team

  • Personalized Support - Every business gets a dedicated representative to guide them through payroll. We will work with you to ensure your payroll is accurate pay after pay.
  • Flexible Support - We continually evaluate your needs to determine the best technology for your business, so you are always covered. Our technology and support grow as your company does.

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