Gain customer insights at the point of purchase

Without inconveniencing them, ask your customers one quick question as they check out—and get the answers you need to help grow your business.


Fully integrated with NCR connected payments — no development required


Zero additional hardware needed — seamlessly embedded in your NCR point of sale


PCI and GDPR compliant — doesn't touch the transaction or any PII data

Over 75 million consumers used TruRating in 2020 alone.


Make your in-store data work for you

Sick of stagnant CX data that doesn't reflect what's happening in your business? TruRating provides an accurate view of the store and brand experience through a customer lens, revealing what's really driving your customers' spend and loyalty.
  • Develop store-based and shopper-group segmentation to optimize your experiences
  • Identify clear ROI opportunities and use them to inform store and service strategy
  • Measure performance in every store location down to the very hour

Drive digital engagement

Built on the power of TruRating's award-winning in-store solution. TruRating for online is designed to deliver clear, simple insights to power your eCommerce business.
  • Industry-leading engagement rates help to drive conversions and site optimization
  • Natural language processing identifies key themes in customer comments
  • Build your digital footprint and create social proof

Close the loop on customer experience

Close the loop on the all-important "last mile" of customer experience. Integrated into your existing CRM solution. TruSurvey enables you to collect information post-fulfillment to ensure that every step of the customer experience works. 

  • Leverage a common approach to analytics for every touchpoint
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative feedback in one moment
  • Measure and improve your entire customer journey


Get valuable feedback directly during checkout to improve your customer experience.

Regardless of your vertical, our partner, TruRating, has a fast, easy and cost-effective way for you to collect customer feedback — without interrupting the customer journey — so you can turn insights into increased revenue and savings.

Industry-leading engagement
88% response rate from customers in-store and 53% online
Fast, flexible platform
Collect data across all channels and receive critical business insights in real-time
Intuitive reporting suite
Desktop and mobile apps provide you with simple and easy-to-use reporting on the go

Finally know what your customers are feeling—right at the point of purchase.

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