Keep payments secure with Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)

Immediate encryption of sensitive data.

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An extra layer of security.

The philosophy behind our newest encryption measure is to make payment processing more secure. This is accomplished by the credit card number never existing in any place.

Cloud-based tracking

Making P2PE simple.

Other companies make the merchants track their devices on paper.

Instead, our merchants can use an online cloud-based tracking of all the POS devices from start to finish.

Immediate encryption

The credit card number will be immediately encrypted, from the moment the chip is inserted.


Receiving your POS

Secure shipping.

Not only will each transaction be encrypted and secure, but the delivery and storage of each terminal is taken seriously.

Keep terminals secure

  • Storage Bags: We will store terminals in a secure bag with a serial number.

  • Pin Number: You will have to put in the pin number when receiving it in order to open the secure bag.

  • Tampering: Any tampering to the bags must be reported.

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