Introducing NCR Pay360

Delivering cardless cash access

Introducing NCR Pay360

NCR Pay360 is the exciting new way to power cardless cash transactions. With thousands of ATMs from coast to coast, NCR Pay360 provides financial institutions a safe, and secure way to enable cash-in and cash-out transactions from their mobile banking app, website, or even customer service centers. The possibilities are limitless with NCR Pay360.

Cash Out Locations

Over 18K locations nationwide in many premier retail locations.

Cash In Locations

Network of nearly 2K cash in locations in major metropolitan areas.

How it Works


Consumer requests cash from provider app, website, or other means.


Consumer receives a text with an ATMpass cash code and a link to an NCR Pay360 ATM Locator.


Consumer visits an NCR Pay360 enabled ATM, enters their cash code, and completes their transaction.


The use cases for NCR Pay360 are broad and diverse. Our solution opens the cash economy to the digital economy, standing as the transformative agent that enables cash to join the digital commerce and banking revolution. Don’t see your use case below? Let’s put our minds together and hash one out.

Digital Wallets

No card needed to allow your customers to access their digital wallet accounts to deposit cash or get cash out. Using our API, you can let your creative and engineering teams drive an integrated experience throughout your customer facing tools, whether that is your mobile app, website, IVR or anywhere else.

No Card, No Problem

We’ve all experienced the panic caused by a lost wallet or card. Integrating NCR Pay360 into your mobile banking experiences, you can provide instant cash access to your customers, without requiring them to rely on a card.

Call Center

Empower your call center staff to provide a higher level of service to your customers who need cash in emergencies by generating NCR Pay360 cash codes in real time.

Channel Agnostic

The generation of NCR Pay360 cash codes are supported in any channel you provide customer service, including SMS, mobile apps, call center, IVRs and any other channel your company uses.

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