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Batch Processing

Save time with batch processing

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Fast and flexible with features that work

Merchants with multiple credit card transactions can save time by utilizing our batch processing feature. Batch processing allows merchants to upload a file directly into our platform, eliminating the need to send each transaction individually.

Streamline benefits

Whether you process fifty, one thousand or ten million transactions every day, batch processing is the most simple and efficient way to get through processing and get back to business.
  1. We receive a batch file.
  2. We make a single call to the network.
  3. You receive approvals on all the transactions at once.

It can even help convert some of your declines into approvals. It's the most simple and efficient way to process 50+ daily transactions.

Set it, forget it, get paid

Save time

If you bill clients on a set schedule, recurring payments are a huge time-saver.

Providing recurring payments is an easy way to increase retention, grow loyalty and improve customer satisfaction – all while streamlining your payment processing and reducing operational expenses.

Retain more customers

Customers with automatic bill pay are less likely to cancel subscriptions and memberships. Businesses using Recurring Payments increases customer loyalty with up to a 24% boost in sales.

Recurring Payments, coupled with Account Updater, reduces the amount of staff calls to collect late payments or change cardholder information.

Additional features to help you minimize costs

  • Card Account Updater - Automatically updates renewals and card account changes so you don’t have to.
  • Transaction Recycling - Automatically re-submits ‘soft declines’ for 12 days – meaning fewer service cancellations.
  • Transaction Clean-Up - Automatically re-news aging authorizations to hold funds when a merchant has a longer production time or extended ship date.


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