Connected Commerce

Expand your options, whatever your business.

Give your customers all the payment opportunities, options and modern business experiences they expect via our vast network of payment solutions.

No matter your industry, we have a solution.

Count on NCR to keep your payments systems up and running and serving your customers, whether they’re in-store or online.

Connected Commerce

Say hello to Aloha

The complete restaurant and hospitality POS solution.

Respond to trends faster
with Aloha Cloud.

Modernize your operations and respond to your customers’ needs faster than ever with the Aloha Cloud POS. With features that will streamline your front of house and back of house operations, Aloha Cloud has a variety of add-ons to choose from to build the perfect solution for your restaurant.

Reduce training time with an intuitive platform

Our technology is easy to use, so your employees will not only complete training faster, they’ll also make fewer mistakes.

Make better informed business decisions with actionable insights

Aloha Cloud takes the overwhelming amount of information that running your restaurant produces and turns it into numbers you can use to guide your business.

Grow your customer base with
loyalty tools

Drive return visits with built-in email marketing and set up easy, automatic campaigns that will turn your repeat customers into your best advocates.

Keep up with every order with Aloha Essentials.

In-house, takeout, delivery — your customers’ ordering needs are varied, and your employees need a POS that can keep up. With Aloha Essentials, regain revenue and drive business by integrating online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery directly into your system.

Go contactless simply and easily

Give your guests confidence by offering contactless ordering and payment when dining in.

Manage your business remotely with real-time reports

With our mobile app, keep tabs on your business wherever you are.

Simplify from back of house to curbside with one bundle

A subscription provides all the hardware, software, and payment services you need with bundled pricing options.

Your store. Our technology. Greater access all around.

Harness the power of a modern POS to unlock your store’s potential to accept more types of payments more places and reach more customers.

Modernize your grocery store with NCR Emerald.

Our platform-connected point of sale solution handles every aspect of your business, from inventory to checkout. Enable technology that your customers want with a cloud-based technology stack that’s easy to modify and that gives you actionable insights on your business.

Centralize control with a unified POS

Configure, manage and control your entire store from one, easy-to-use place that makes decision-making a breeze.

Save time with a better merchandizing solution

Keep tabs on all your inventory with real-time visibility of what’s in your store and what you’ve sold.

Power better business decisions with NCR Analytics

Our data analytics and visualization tools help you make decisions about running your business that are backed up by insight from your day-to-day operations.

Cut the lines and go mobile with Freshop eCommerce.

Bridge the gap between your customers’ online and in-store experience with Freshop, which offers a store-branded eCommerce solution that your customers will recognize and appreciate.

Bring consistency to your website and mobile experiences

Ensure prices, branding, and everything in between is consistent between your in-store and digital experiences to keep customers at ease and your business on track.

Make it easy with integrations

Whether your systems are NCR or not, our integrations will help to tie everything together, end-to-end, from point of sale to merchandising.

Beat out big box with Encor by NCR.

Encor by NCR offers exceptional customer experience inside a solution specifically tailored to independent grocers; and it’s all designed to give your business all the tools it needs to keep up with big box stores and grocery giants. Includes both point of sale and back office solutions to give your business an end-to-end solution.

Run the store seamlessly with NCR Counterpoint.

From point-of-sale to email marketing to inventory management to analytics, NCR Counterpoint can manage all of your business’ needs in-store and online. Whether your retail business is apparel, lawn and garden, or anything in between, Counterpoint can help you run your business from end-to-end.

From pump to counter, manage your C-store with NCR.

Offer your customers a faster, more secure solution to get them in and out, and back on the road with everything that they need. Plus, mobile shopping, self-checkout and foodservice capabilities mean you can keep up with your customers’ needs and keep your business running smoothly.

Integrated payment management for government.

Your customers are diverse — enable a solution that allows access to all.

Offer a modern eCommerce experience.

Give your customer an exceptional online experience while enabling your staff to work more efficiently with our comprehensive solutions and integrations designed for eCommerce. Our turnkey solution works across all your payment channels, simplifying your customer experience for both your participants and your staff.

Ensure super-secure payments.

Because of the nature of government institutions, your industry may experience more risk. Feel confident in your systems and minimize risk and liability by keeping data secure with tokenization and end-to-end encryption.

Stay flexible with endless integrations.

Your customers have a wide variety of payment needs, whether they’re in person, on the phone, or online. Our integrations ensure that you can accept payment in the countless ways that they want to pay, including credit, debit, ACH eCheck, cash, and paper checks.