Orderman in, tablets out: The Tavern adopts professional solution!



As a US citizen, the owner Keith Gurney has adopted the American style of service at his restaurant. Staff at The Tavern are well equipped to provide guests with an outstanding service experience.



Seven Orderman7 handhelds allow for a fast and reliable placement of orders, as well as accurate billing and an efficient work flow.


“The use of the stable Orderman Secure Radio instead of WIFI and the unrivalled build quality were the main reasons for choosing Orderman hardware”, says Keith Gurney.

“The Secure Radio is a closed system, which we have found to be much more reliable than any WIFI based products we have tried. We tested the handhelds on site and found that they have a 200-meter range. When we dropped them down several flights of stairs, they were still in perfect working condition”, he goes on.

Previously, The Tavern had used solutions based on Android tablets. The hardware was damaged regularly despite the use of protective cases, leaving the owner with replacement costs that were spinning out of control.

“The Orderman handhelds allow a level of confidence that hardware will be up and running every day, without need for backups or replacements”, Mr. Gurney tells us.