Orderman7 Drives Efficient Service



It is a challenge to get everything to the table on time, especially when many different items are ordered at once. For this reason, Iain Gallie, operations manager at Mezzidakia, chose the Orderman7.



Guests at Mezzidakia experience a great culinary journey through the eastern Mediterranean with every visit. The restaurant is the latest concept in a total of six popular Glasgow dining destinations. Located directly in the City Center, unmistakable flavors from Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Persia and Greece provide an excellent tapas-style menu.


To ensure every guest’s dining experience is perfect, the Operations Manager Iain Gallie decided to go with Orderman. Six Orderman7 handhelds with software created by ICR Touch were installed by our partner Alliance Till Systems, giving staff at the Mezzidakia the right tools to provide Mediterranean style hospitality at all times.

“Alongside an excellent menu, it is important to our guests that the food is brought to their table on time. This requires good service staff and the right tools to help them do their jobs. We were looking for a mobile ordering system that worked – but we definitely did not want a WiFi-based system. We tried a WiFi system in one of our other restaurants and it constantly crashed. At Alliance Till Systems, we trust the dealer and were given good advice. We are very happy that we chose the reliable Orderman Secure Radio system,” says Iain Gallie.

He also explains that the Orderman solution lets his service staff spend more time with the guests, because it is no longer necessary to enter orders at the till. The Orderman7’s durability and ease of use also make the solution a worthwhile investment in the long-term.