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Find out what our customers have to say about our POS systems,

handhelds and radio ordering solutions.




The apex of Alpine service

What would it take to serve food and drinks to 1000 Alpine skiers, 15 hours a day? With NCR Orderman, The Seiterhuette does it faster than a downhill slalom.

Tradition meets technology

Serving 2,000 guests daily, Schweizerhaus needed tableside ordering and billing that was fast and fail-proof. Orderman 7’s functionality plus expert NCR tech support delivered everything they needed with 55 handhelds—the largest installation in Europe. 

When Wi-Fi hits a wall

With their 400-year-old, multi-level building and thick, brick walls, the Urbankeller restaurant couldn’t transmit orders through Wi-Fi. But with strong radio reception everywhere, NCR’s Orderman 7 delivered a (loud and) clear solution.

No Wifi, no problem


Glasgow’s Mezzidakia wanted to send out complex tapas orders faster, but their Wi-Fi ordering system kept crashing. So they switched to NCR Orderman 7 radio handhelds—and now speedy plates are the order of the day.

Making al fresco service even faster

After 12 years using the NCR Orderman Max2, The Tea Garden Café  in Glasgow upgraded to Orderman5+ for fast tableside ordering, payments and receipt printing outside, curbing the problem of walk-offs.