Radio Ordering



Increase the profits of your hospitality enterprise with a professional Orderman solution!



Every restaurant owner strives for excellent service and efficient work processes.


Taking orders with the Orderman radio ordering system makes it possible!



Efficient order taking is essential to being successful in the hospitality industry. The size of the business is irrelevant in this aspect. Large or small, professional service leads to loyal customers who like coming back again and again. The Orderman radio ordering system ensures a smooth workflow, time savings, and if successful, higher turnover.

This is how taking orders works with the Orderman radio ordering system.



In the hospitality industry, taking orders efficiently means arranging the allocation of service tasks in such a way, that service staff always remain with the customer. Instead of sequentially hand-picking orders to then tediously entering them into the cash register, Orderman’s radio ordering system offers a much simpler, more reliable, and above all, faster way of taking orders.


Using a mobile handheld unit, orders are taken at the table and immediately transmitted to the kitchen or bar via the Orderman radio. Customers receive their orders faster with no mistakes due to illegible handwriting, nothing is forgotten, and your waiters always remain where they belong: with the customers.



Benefits of the Orderman radio ordering system



Efficient order taking with the Orderman radio ordering system has many benefits

that will positively affect your hospitality enterprise.




More time for the customer



Ideally, your service professional will always be with the customer and so in the middle of the action. Less empty kilometers, no crowding at the cash register, more time to concentrate on orders and active upselling are beneficial to any restaurant business.

Increased turnover



Your service staff can use the time gained to take care of more customers or speed up the current sales process with existing customers. One beer or one coffee more per guest over the entire year will have the cash register ringing. An increase in turnover of up to 25% is realistic when using the Orderman radio ordering system.

Cost savings through improved workflow



In the hospitality industry, an average of 80% of the turnover is achieved in about 20% of the working time. Service speed and a smooth workflow in the kitchen are therefore essential in running a successful restaurant business, especially at peak times. The billing process is also fast and exact when using the Orderman system. All orders will be entered securely in to the handheld device and the bill will be printed directly at the table using the convenient belt printer. There will be no room for mistakes or forgotten orders.

More satisfied customers



Restaurant businesses using the Orderman radio ordering system enjoy higher customer satisfaction. Orders are served faster, the bill comes quickly, and nothing is forgotten. With the professional Orderman POS and handheld, your customers will enjoy perfect service as well as good food. That gets around fast and creates loyal customers who are pleased to recommend your restaurant.

Why Orderman Radio and not WIFI?



Taking orders on a smartphone via WIFI is possible, but by far not the best solution for a permanently efficient workflow. Why? Because WIFI, in contrast to the Orderman radio ordering system, was not designed for mobile devices but as a wireless solution for stationary devices such as PCs or TVs. On the whole, this means that the WIFI connection is very unreliable when compared to the Orderman radio. The Orderman radio is secure and reliable, as the stable connection protects you from devastating outages.


Orderman Radio vs. WIFI





Orderman Radio vs. WIFI:




  • Range: The Orderman radio uses a frequency that is five times lower than WIFI. This enables better penetration of walls and a much greater range.


  • Power consumption: The Orderman radio consumes very little power, ensuring a long service life in combination with the powerful battery in Orderman handheld units.


  • No outages: Outages occur frequently when using WIFI, especially in large restaurants. If several routers are connected, they are not able to transmit the signal fast enough from one router to the other, leading to interruptions in the signal. The Orderman radio enables a seamless transmission of the handheld signal, ensuring a smooth order process.


  • Maintenance costs: In contrast to WIFI solutions, the Orderman Radio requires no IT company to maintain the system. Our Orderman dealers are qualified experts who know everything about the Orderman radio. Generally, the Orderman solution requires much less maintenance, as the solution was designed especially for the hospitality industry from the start. 


  • System administration: The proprietary management software for our handhelds, the System Center2, makes it easy to set up and manage all your Orderman handheld units centrally. Your competent Orderman dealer will always be on hand with help and advice – so you have just one partner for everything. 

Is a smartphone not much cheaper?



When viewed holistically, smartphones are more expensive than a professional Orderman solution. Although smartphones are cheaper to buy in the beginning, they are consumer devices that were not built for use in the hospitality industry, which has a number of disadvantages: 


  • Smartphones are neither waterproof nor shockproof. Devices used for work are often placed under a great deal of stress, especially in a restaurant. Moisture is not uncommon and hard stone or tiled floors are part of everyday life. A smartphone will only survive a few spilt drinks or falls onto a tiled floor. An Orderman handheld unit is built to withstand such stress for a very long time.


  • Unstable WIFI connection. If many devices are connected to the WIFI at once, overloads or interference from other devices can often occur. The Orderman radio uses lower frequencies to ensure stability and prevent downtime.  Orderman solutions therefore protect your reputation, your customer satisfaction and your turnover.


  • The battery does not hold its charge for very long and must be charged during shifts. Since you can’t just swap the battery in a smartphone, a replacement device is. You will therefore need two smartphones instead of one Orderman handheld unit.


  • Smartphones have a short or no warranty. The warranty period varies for smartphones depending on the provider and the model, but damage due to own fault is generally not covered. Orderman handheld units are sold with a two-year Care Gold warranty that covers all damages. You will also benefit from first-class service if you ever require it. The warranty can be extended for up to five years.

Orderman Care & Care Gold


The all-in, care-free NCR Orderman warranty



No other company in the industry offers a warranty that rivals Orderman Care and Care Gold.


This service product will protect you from unplanned outages and expensive repairs for many years after you purchase an Orderman product. Care & Care Gold is our all-in, care-free warranty that will protect your investment.




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