The Flagship

Top performance


The Columbus900 POS cash register has an Intel Quad Core processor, enabling it to fulfill the needs of our most demanding customers.

Modern interfaces


The Columbus900 cash register enables a variety of extensions with its many interfaces, thus easily adjusting itself to your current and future needs.

Hygienically clean


All Orderman cash registers are developed especially for the restaurant industry. The True Flat display is very easy to keep clean.

Guaranteed quality


With the purchase of an Orderman POS, you receive an inclusive two–year Care warranty, which can be extended for up to six years. Orderman Care guarantees the highest quality and best service.



Combined with the Orderman handheld units, the Columbus900 offers the perfect solution for any hospitality business.

Intelligent cable guiding


Thanks to intelligent cable guiding, all cabling vanishes inside the cash register, keeping everything looking neat and tidy.

NCR Columbus900


Top performance and Orderman quality



The elegance of the original Columbus design makes this POS terminal a timeless classic.

The Columbus900 is our top cash register. Its high performance fulfills all the needs of our most demanding customers. It was kept in the unique Orderman design, which looks elegant in any restaurant environment. Built fanless, with intelligent cable guiding and a True Flat display, your workplace will remain clean and tidy at all times with the Columbus900.


The Columbus900 is the newest model of a well–known POS series, which has been very popular amongst restaurant owners for many years. They value the long service life of these POS cash registers, as well as their ease of use and extraordinary reliability.

NCR Orderman presents you with the full package in a one-stop-shop – cash registers, handheld units, and the Orderman radio work together perfectly, to provide you with a complete solution you can rely on.

Would you like more information on the Columbus900 cash register, our other POS systems or handheld units? Contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

Orderman Care & Care Gold


The all-in, care-free NCR Orderman warranty



No other company in the industry offers a warranty that rivals Orderman Care and Care Gold.


This service product will protect you from unplanned outages and expensive repairs for many years after you purchase an Orderman product. Care & Care Gold is our all-in, care-free warranty that will protect your investment.




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